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2 Prenatal Visits

Our first visit, usually between 24-28 weeks, is when we will become better acquainted.  We may discuss your pregnancy so far, where you will be giving birth, and who will be with you.  We may also address any stress, fears or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy, labor or birth.

Our second visit, usually between 34 and 36 weeks, we may discuss your recent prenatal visits with your health care provider, your emotional well-being & your upcoming birth.  I will go through a list of scenarios with you and provide you with the knowledge you need to print a simple yet specific birth plan, if you desire.


Labor and Birth

As a DONA-Certified birth doula I am professionally trained to provide physical and emotional support throughout your entire labor and birth. I am available 24/7 for virtual support.  When your labor begins, I will support you in person. I will remain with you until you are comfortable with your new baby.  I may also assist in initial breastfeeding.


Postpartum Support

This support takes place in your home.  Postpartum visits look different for everyone.  I will help with newborn care, meal prep, light housework, and see that you're comfortable with your new role as a parent.

Overnight postpartum care is my most requested time slot!  The goal is to keep you resting for 8-10 hours while I care for your baby.

Nights book fast! Please consider calling before your baby is born to get those nights planned.

Have Doula, Will Travel

As a traveling doula, I am happy to accompany you on your adventures!  Whether you're headed somewhere for a night or a week, near or far, I can support you wherever you may go.  

Pricing is based on a 20 hour day.

Call or email me for more details.



Standard Birth Fee $1100 - $350 due upon signing, remainder due by our second prenatal visit.

Aquaborn Birth Pool Rental $200 - this includes all supplies, set up and break down.

Postpartum Care $34hr/$40hr twins - Contracts start with as little as 4 hours.

Burke St Chiropractic Classes $75-$150 - 4-8 hour in person education.

Private Childbirth Education $150 - this is a 4 hour visit.

Placenta Encapsulation $250+

*Extra prenatal visits may be added at additional cost.


I stand by DONA's belief: A Doula for Every Person Who Wants One.

I am always willing to make payment arrangements.


An appreciation for the design of birth can help to create a sense of confidence in a woman approacing birth. Understanding common interventions and when they might be necessary can help with decision making during labor and birth.



Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation!

Additional Services​
  • - Baby Wearing

  • - Cloth Diapering

  • - Belly Casting

  • - Birth Pool Rental, with supplies

  • - TENS Unit Rental

  • - Placenta Encapsulation

  • - Postpartum Belly Binding


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